2018-12-20 14:31:49

What are the common steel frame structures ?

Steel structure frame is a structure mainly made of steel, and it is one of the main types of building structures. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight and high stiffness, so it is especially suitable for building large-span, super-high and super-heavy buildings. Steel structure frame is an ideal elastomer with good homogeneity and isotropy, which is most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics. The material has good plasticity and toughness, can be deformed greatly and can bear dynamic loads well, but the Steel structure frame also has shortcomings, and its fire resistance and corrosion resistance are poor.

Steel frame structure is generally divided into portal steel structure, single-storey building, multi-storey steel building and so on

The portal steel structure is one of the light weight steel structures, and it is chosengladly by engineers, but there is few steel structure designing CAD software aboutportal lattice rigid frames. The following figure shows two typicals portal steel structure.


Multi-storey steel structure building is a kind of structure extending from single-storey building. Under the same building area condition, in order to improve the use of area, building multi-storey structure is one of the commonly used methods. The frame structure of multi-storey steel structure building is generally composed of columns, beams, floor structures, supporting structures, wall panels or wall frames. Planar rigid floor is used in multi-storey buildings to ensure the overall spatial stiffness and coordinated work. Multi-storey steel structure building is a promising industrial building form, which generally refers to industrial plant, workshop and warehouse with a height less than 20 meters below 10 stories. Most modern multi-storey steel structure buildings are constructed with portal steel frame structure system. The quality of steel structure is also diversified. The quality of the connection of the structure can be guaranteed and the safety and stability can also be improved.


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